Why MINER Is the Most Flexible Crypto Asset for Long-Term Wealth

The only constant in life is change

~ Heraclitus

These wise words were written over 2500 years ago. Judging by the pace of change today, they’ve never been truer.

Although the monumental rewriting of societal and economic rules that’s occurred over the last year has shocked much of the world, those of us who’ve followed the crypto revolution of the last decade have found ourselves well-prepared for it. (Even profiting from it.)

The rise in crypto assets throughout 2020 has resulted in a worldwide market value of over one trillion USD.


The Degradation of Trust in Traditional Authority

Many have attributed this clear and distinctive pivot point to the degradation of trust in traditional authority, at both governmental and financial market levels. Societal systems in existence for generations are beginning to fail the stress-tests brought about by new technologies, worldwide online communication and increasing globalisation.

Photo credit Gerd Altman

People who’ve profited from these very changes are now looking to decentralised, trustless options (i.e. blockchain-based digital assets) to store their wealth.

With change now the only true constant, these same savvy individuals know that flexibility is a key factor in safeguarding their future wealth. As such, MINER token has been designed to give members ultimate flexibility in store of value, exchangeability for cryptocurrencies, and redemption for mining service with delivery of physical gold.

You can opt to redeem your MINER token for the service of mining gold, which can then be delivered to your home.
Miner Network Members Enjoy Industry-Leading Flexibility

MINER is an ERC20 token that represents one averaged minute of productivity from our approved, managed, in-network gold mines. These mines have been successfully producing gold for years, enabling accurate and consistent productivity metrics and creating a solid baseline for value.

MINER can easily be exchanged for Ether (ETH) or Bitcoin (BTC) on our network. ETH and BTC are the most established, trusted, efficient and reliable crypto assets. MINER’s exchangeability for these cryptos creates secure, portable, divisible & borderless options that can be exercised from anywhere in the world.

For those who require physical gold, MINER can be redeemed for the service of mining and delivery of gold bars..


The Winners in Societal Transition

When societies undergo major transitions, massive wealth transfers occur. Those who store their wealth smartly become the new financial leaders. Historically, the winners have been those who effectively balance:

  • Flexibility
  • Portability
  • Stability
  • Uniformity &
  • Intrinsic value

This is MINER, created as the ideal hedge in the current economic bubble.


Photo by Mick De Paola on Unsplash & PJ Corona

For more information on how to evaluate wealth options of all kinds, feel free to download our comprehensive guide – Where Is The Smart Money in A Global Economic Bubble.

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~ Cameron V. Peebles & Abheeti Kathryn Pass