What Happens in Crypto, Stays in Crypto!

You can hear the outbursts of emotion…

You can feel the thrill of winning.

(And the agonies of losing your very last last penny.)

It’s all there. 


Welcome to the new Vegas!!! 
You get that feeling you could come away from the table with huge winnings…
It’s Like the Old Days Again

Maybe the sounds, lights and sights aren’t quite the same, but the stakes have never been higher. There is plenty of glitz and glitter: everyone’s looking to take a trip to the moon or win a new Lambo! 

When moon Lambo?!

It’s like the old days again: that feeling you could come away from the table with huge winnings, before heading back to a nice posh room to celebrate.

The stock market has always been a casino of sorts.

The vibe the crypto market is giving off these days is not unlike that old Wild West feeling when folks used to pack their bags and fly off to the city for some crazy fun and a chance to ‘Win Big!’

That same feeling is grabbing the entire world at this moment in history; we all want to know how it’s going to make us rich! Now, all that jazz can be experienced inside your home… or better yet, right on your phone


Elon Musk Is Stepping Up to the High Roller Table

Jumping into the crypto scene without some basic knowledge of the market can be overwhelming, much like walking up to a craps table for the first time.

There are over 10,000 cryptocurrencies currently in existence, with many more already in production. With governmental bodies, hedge funds and major players like Elon Musk stepping up to the high roller table with Bitcoin and Doge, times could not be more exciting. Nor daunting.

When looking at crypto as a whole, one of its most alluring features is its potential to make one very rich overnight. 

Major players like Elon Musk are stepping up to the high roller table with Bitcoin and Doge. Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

Be warned though, the odds can turn at the drop of a hat!

You can be left stranded and penniless if you aren’t careful. To better understand the odds, you have to read the rules of the game, or in this case, figure out why one crypto would be a better bet than another. 


Crypto Stocks Went Truly Nuts

Between 2017 and 2018 crypto stocks went truly nuts for the first time, garnering a great deal of attention – only to fizzle out to a fraction of the hype during the Crypto Winter that followed.  Many were left holding the bag.

Some simply lost everything.

Crypto stocks fizzled out to a fraction of their value during the Crypto Winter that followed. Photo by Charlie Seaman on Unsplash

Covid-19 hit the world after that 3-year crypto hibernation period.

Although the market had been beaten up plenty, one thing was dramatically clear, crypto wasn’t going to die.  Actually, it got a leg up with the onset of mandatory lockdowns; suddenly everyone was stuck at home with extra time to learn how to trade! 

The crypto market broke records (and bank accounts) with its extreme volatility

Back in 2017, we saw how the crypto market broke records (and bank accounts) with its extreme volatility. All signs now point to similar volatility for cryptocurrencies in 2020-2021. 


What’s the Right Move?

(So we can play the crypto game while still protecting our gains.) 

Photo by Keenan Constance on Unsplash

Keeping the crypto gambling table in mind, here are the two most common bets being placed (both of which have their ups and downs):

  1. High-risk/high-reward bets that bring in short term gains and the potential for quick money, and
  2. Low-risk/long-term stability bets that stake earnings, protecting both principal and winnings.


9 Things You Might Want to Consider

Before placing your chips on the table, here are 9 things you might want to consider before you decide whether to let it ride:

  1. What’s the governance structure of the crypto you’re betting on? In other words, how is the eye-in-the-sky going to regulate it? 
  2. How secure is the gamble? Is it safe to play? Is there someone who can cheat the system?
  3. What type of privacy is embedded in the technology? Is your money being played in, or out of, the casino? 
  4. How fast is the technology? Will you miss the winning big opportunity because your bet was held up for 30 minutes? 
  5. Is the project scalable? (When betting on something like a stock, the biggest risk is whether the product you invest in will be around in five years with potential for expansion.)
  6. How much are the transaction fees? Is it easy to change your bet or will it cost you? 
  7. Is the UI/UX good quality? In other words, is the project useful and easy-to-use? Is it future-proof? 
  8. How is the interoperability of the project? Can it be used over various platforms?
  9. What about functionality? Is it even worth having? Does it solve an issue in the world, or can it better mankind? 


MINER Acts As the Perfect Bet to Protect Your Winnings

If we continue to think of crypto stocks like a casino, then you can relate to the market a bit better. Once you put your money on the table or invest, the game starts. The games all have different odds, some being 1-to-1, and others as much as 100-to-1. 

When you play the game, you decide what to bet on, based on these odds. 

The casino chips you hold (if you still hold some) always reflect the value of the money you’ve played. Photo by Chris Liverani on Unsplash

The (crypto) games are volatile, and the casino chips you hold (if you still hold some) always reflect the value of the money you’ve played.   


Volatility in the Crypto Space: the Perfect Chip

You can imagine MINER as being a safe casino chip. It’s transferable between other tables (ETH and BTC) where you can bet again with different odds. If you cash out on the table, you can take your chips (MINER token stable bet) back to your room, cash them out for dollars (physical gold), or just sit with them safely stored in your phone wallet while you enjoy the safe GODL (HODL) ride. 

The most important thing is that when you move from game to game, you want those chips to always maintain the stable value they had when you left the table. 

MINER combines the historically proven value and stability of gold production with the digital functionality of a crypto token, making it the perfect “chip” to use to keep your earnings safe. That way, if there’s a run on the table or it closes, your chips are safe to use on another game later.

MINER combines the historically proven value and stability of gold production with the digital functionality of a crypto token. Photo by Matt Flores on Unsplash

When diminishing faith in the dollar hits and the crypto market begins to dip, there are really only a couple of places you want to stake your winnings: precious resources and stable technology.

MINER token is the perfect token to help reduce volatility within your portfolio while still remaining in the game. It combines the intrinsic value of gold mine production with the technology of a stable coin, making it the perfect choice when it’s time to secure the bag. 

With MINER, your earnings’ value will be protected so you don’t get left holding a bag full of “sh*tcoins”.  It’s the perfect way to weather a crypto bear market.

Faith in fiat national currencies is fading, many are turning to Bitcoin as a stable place to store wealth, and we can easily look to 2018 to see that the real hedge historically has always been gold

MINER attaches the stability of gold to the utility of a service token to create the safety of a digital asset with a stable floor of intrinsic value. 

What happens in crypto, stays in crypto!

Always remember… What happens in crypto, stays in crypto! (And what happens in MINER, stays safe.)

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`~ PJ Corona & Abheeti Kathryn Pass