UI/UX Designer

The Miner Network is looking for a UI/UX designer to create the new look, feel and overall user experience for the MINER web application, MINER exchange, and subsequent components. The primary goal is to provide a simplified, easy-to-understand interface for purchasing and managing MINER token, along with the exchange of tokens via the MINER exchange.

In addition to the overall design, our primary objective is to create a brand-new flow for how users interact with the platform and exchange itself, which will go beyond a basic “reskinning.” The process of purchasing and exchanging tokens can be inherently cumbersome, and we are looking for someone who can understand the user preference and behavior of our target user and apply UX principals accordingly.

We are looking for the following as part of this process:

  • Someone skilled in the research and deconstruction of users’ interaction and habits (as it relates to purchasing cryptocurrency)
  • Create all digital assets, such as interface design files, wireframes, and interactive mockups.
  • Design the overall aesthetics to be implemented product-wide, including layout, menus, color palette, fonts, etc.
  • Provide development-ready UI files to the tech team for swift implementation.
  • Create and maintain a style guide with reusable elements for tech and other teams.
  • Aid in general design tasks and processes company-wide in keeping with the overall style

Duration: This is currently a 4+ month contract, with the possibility of extension.

If you’re interested in joining the team, please email jobs@minertoken.io for more information on this position.