Traditional Gold Hedge Wrapped By Modern Blockchain Equals Smart Eco Money

Gold has always been seen as a form of wealth insurance, and one of the primary purposes for holding gold is as a hedge against risk.

‘Intrinsic value’ indicates that quality of being essential: a bottom-line, no-brainer basis of mutual agreement that ‘this something’ has a certain worth; that it has value.

In the case of gold, we can go back over 7000 years to the ancient tombs of the Varna Necropolis in Bulgaria where gold artifacts were discovered.

We humans have been nuts about gold for a very. long. time.

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Gold: Status, Scarcity and Storms

The main intrinsic value of gold is arguably the status it affords.

That, together with elements (pun intended) of scarcity, ease of proof of authenticity, divisibility, and the fact it won’t rust or break down, means it’s an awesome port in an economic storm.

Being used in elaborate jewellery over millennia, gold has long demonstrated to the outside world the level of wealth and power of an individual, a family, an organisation, a government and even a nation.

“Throughout the history of our planet, almost every established culture has used gold to symbolize power, beauty, purity, and accomplishment.”

~ Hobart King PhD, RPG

Gold: Conductor, Currents & Corrosion

More recently it’s gained even more importance from a functional point of view, being incorporated into industrial use in the manufacture of electronics. This is due to its high efficiency and reliability as a conductor. It carries tiny currents, and doesn’t corrode or tarnish at contact points.

Gold has always been a safe haven, not only as a store of value but as a means of retaining value.


Keeping Safe

Let’s assume for a moment that due to turbulent times globally, you want to keep your stash of cash safe. (Good idea.)

But wait! Your cash is already losing value with world money printing machines instantly creating more notes, eroding the value of the currency in your bank account before you can even say Electronic Transfer.

Then there’s the burning question of whether your bank will still be open, (or will give you access to your cash) in light of the imminent global financial disaster most people are talking about. At this point the old under-the-mattress routine doesn’t quite hold the same sway as, say, parking your hard-earned (but vulnerable) assets in something solid gold.


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Where Does Blockchain Come In?

So where does blockchain come into all of this? Is it just another fancy catch-phrase to intimidate Baby Boomer technophobes?

Why is blockchain so important in light of the safety and desirability of owning, storing, and taking care of gold?

Blockchain is quite another beast.

Best-known as the backbone or the scaffolding behind Bitcoin, blockchain also has many other applications in industry and finance outside that leading role.

Without going into an all-out deep dive of what blockchain is, let’s say for simplicity’s sake that in this case, the Ethereum blockchain serves as the basic building block for creating MINER tokens, which are available to all Miner Network members.


MINER token: What It Is and What It Ain’t

MINER is a crypto token that tokenises the labour of active gold mines, which are part of The Miner Network. Each token is the averaged value of one minute of labour across all our mines.

MINER token plays the role of giving members a protected place to park their wealth assets – especially important in these times of extreme global market volatility.

Let’s take a moment to briefly explain various ways MINER tokens are not like the usual gold-backed cryptocurrency tokens (as well as being a dry, safe haven in a modern  economic tsunami):

  • MINER is service-based crypto token which gives you minutes of mining labour of gold extraction, from our approved, managed, in-network gold mines
  • MINER token gives you ultimate flexibility – exchange your MINER for Bitcoin (BTC) or ETHER (ETH) or vice versa on our dedicated Miner Network member platform (
  • Another option: redeeming MINER tokens for the service of mining means you can order the products of the service and receive physical gold bars on your doorstep, anywhere in the world. If your country allows delivery, we’ll send you your gold!
  • The weight of gold products sent to you (as a result of MINER token redemption), can be as little as 1 oz up to any amount you wish.  Other cryptos that promise gold delivery have a minimum of 430 oz physical gold product delivery, if they back up their token offering with real gold at all.
  • As part of The Miner Network, MINER tokens offer net positive environmental impact, due to our stringent Miner Pledge. This effectively means the promotion of ethical mining: excellent human labour conditions, earth-friendly gold processing methods, and regenerative land practices for mines whose gold source is exhausted.  The good news there is we’re promoting practices that mean we’ll actually have a planet where we can enjoy our wealth!
  • Our initial gold mines are all based in the US, so you’re assured of legitimacy (note: we are currently creating alliances based on The Miner Pledge with other global gold-mining partners in order to ‘clean up the dirtiest business in the world’, so watch this space)
Regenerated back into healthy land

“The ability for MINER to effectively transfer wealth from crypto asset to service asset to physical asset at any level, is completely unique and the primary reason why it has become the perfect hedge in the current economic bubble.”

~ Cameron V. Peebles


Run For Coveted Cover

Unpredictable social, political and economic mass upheaval is becoming the gruesome new normal, but MINER tokens help keep your wealth safe, as well as being redeemable for the service of mining real gold for you.

It works very simply like this:

  1.   Become a member of The Miner Network
  2.   Acquire MINER token
  3.   Exchange MINER token for another crypto on the Miner Exchange, if you choose
  4.   Redeem MINER for service and order gold products

Blockchain therefore provides security and portability in connection with the most coveted precious metal in history, since you can keep your wealth assets parked in an electronic wallet in the form of MINER tokens, redeemable for mining service if you choose to opt for home-delivery of physical gold.

You don’t need to lug around gold bars or hide gold ingots or coins from the cleaners.  Better yet, leave it in the ground, safe as (underground) houses, while the global market dances its merry jitterybug (pun also intended) on top.

During times of uncertainty, take cover and rest assured the value of your wealth sits safely in MINER

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– Abheeti Kathryn Pass