MINER Is the Golden Yoga Teacher: Flexibility 4 Ways

In this current global economy people are looking for more places to put their wealth. Whether that’s cryptocurrency, gold, stocks or banks everyone agrees they don’t want to lose what they’ve earned.

  • Stocks can be good over time if you have the foresight, time and investment
  • Gold is iconic, known throughout the world as valuable
  • Cryptocurrency is new and volatile but becoming more and more usable everyday
  • And banks? Well they’re gonna get their cut…
People are looking for more places to put their wealth
MINER Token Is a Crypto Asset That Tokenises the Labour of Active Gold Mines

These are approved, managed, in-network gold mines that are part of The Miner Network. Each token is the averaged value of one minute of labour across all our mines.

With millions of people around the world owning Bitcoin and Ether, the subject of tradeability is on people’s minds. Some new up-and-coming token companies don’t exactly make it simple to use your surplus to invest in something new.

Many projects promise gold, or make it seem you get physical gold for your tokens, when in fact, they may not be backed by anything at all.


The Miner Network Is Built to Have That Flexible Ease-of-Use in Mind

The Miner Network is specifically created with the option for you to trade MINER for BTC and ETH, redeem your MINER token for the service of gold mining and delivery of gold bars, or… Just sit tight and enjoy the (GODL) view!

One token, four options = true flexibility!
Volatility is Relatively Common

Volatility in the crypto market with most coins is relatively common. (Anyone who’s held onto BTC for a long period of time can attest to that.)

MINER strives for something more stable.

Owning physical gold has been regarded as the highest form of wealth since long before crypto was conceived. We all know gold is beautiful and valuable (but also heavy).

MINER is “good as gold” without the physical weight, or exorbitant storage fees.

Photo credit Jingming Pan
MINER Offers More Than Just Stability

We keep your gold safely stored in the ground, which is arguably the most secure place for it, given it has been there for eons. The Miner Network is doing its part to keep the earth as clean and unscarred as possible. Read more about The Miner Pledge.

Acquiring MINER tokens means enjoying all the benefits of gold without storage fees, while only having to suffer bearing the weight of your own phone.

Photo by Benny Liu on Unsplash
Hold Onto Your BTC and ETH Profits

Hold onto your BTC and ETH profits with peace of mind. You can always trade to get BTC or ETH back at any time, knowing your profits are safely stored in their original home underground, beneath the earth.


Flexibility 4 Ways

Being a member of The Miner Network allows you to:

  1. Trade your BTC and ETH easily for a more stable crypto: MINER Token
  2. Trade your MINER token back into BTC or ETH if you wish
  3. Redeem your MINER for the service of gold mining and delivery of gold bars and
  4. Sit and GODL! Enjoy the stability and security of holding MINER (Crypto slang for HOLD when it comes to GOLD)
Photo credit Gaby Stein

Let our labour be your benefit. You do the clicking, and we’ll do the digging! 

For more information on how to evaluate the minefield of gold cryptos out there, try reading our handy guide: 5 Ways to Compare the Leading Gold Cryptos.

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~ Vince Corona & Abheeti Kathryn Pass