Is Planet Anxiety Even a Thing?


Now more than ever.

Occasionally, we hear about a movement. We might even get up off the couch long enough to check it out.  Some of us actually go along to demonstrations.

Taking Fridays Off School

Before March of 2020, an entire global youth community was taking Fridays off school to get themselves downtown in capital cities around the world, to support then 16-year-old environmental activist Greta Thunberg and her vocal, sign-bearing teens’ movement.

Demanding that adults pay attention to what’s happening on the planet, to the ecological devastation being left to them, to the future our behaviour has already stolen from them and their children, this movement became a very powerful social media-driven force.

They insisted that those in positions of leadership and power stop talking in circles and actually do something about the house catching fire all around us.

Photo credit Markus Spiske

And… despite all the peaceful protests, “No Planet B” banners, petition-signing campaigns, sailing journeys across oceans, Tweetstorms, media hype and UN addresses… Here we are again.

Not saved.

(Not yet.)

This is the story of how we came to make this, our greatest mistake, and how—if we act now—we can yet put it right. We need to learn to work with nature, rather than against it.”

~ Sir David Attenborough


Sir David’s Witness Statement

Now in his 90s, Sir David is constantly making and releasing documentaries. In his disturbing ‘witness statement,’ he ignites our existential fear, shifts our thinking, touches our hearts, and eventually, fuels hope for a life-friendly future.

While watching a documentary may be enough to make a few of us rethink personal habits (like pitching soft plastics in the recycling bin, or not rinsing out milk cartons before recycling them) or even collect some rubbish along the beach or at the park, the vigour and fierce intention required to effect real change is easily interrupted.

The maelstrom of modern life… Image by David Bruyland from Pixabay

We fade back into the maelstrom of everyday modern life and re-forget about Planet Red Alert.


The Busyness of Life

Whether due to a global pandemic, a sense of overwhelm in the face of so much conflicting media, or just the plain busyness of life, we keep oscillating between waking up and dozing off.

Apparently we’re waiting for the planet to save herself.

We live in a time when deciphering how to meaningfully create ‘good’ and excel at ‘purpose’ is ever more urgent, essential, and elusive.

There are so many ways our natural human tendencies for generosity, compassion and caring (for the planet and each other), are eroded by the human-made physical and emotional toxicity surrounding us.

In the background, all the narratives bouncing around our minds make us feel like we’re spinning, disoriented and panicky, towards the black hole of our own creation.

There are seemingly no brakes to slow down the speed at which we’re plummeting towards planet-death.

Being a Jedi is hard.


Cut Through the Green Rhetoric

In order to reverse the tide, we must cut through the green rhetoric that talks the talk, but falls far short of walking the walk of real action and real change.

While at the moment nothing seems to be able to stop the juggernaut of our extractive, wasteful ways, at the same time:

The future looks bright, with an unprecedented 30 trillion-dollar wealth transfer – which will land in the hands of (mostly) millennials, who have shown themselves to value sustainable and socially responsible investments.”

~ Helene Li, CEO & Co-Founder at GoImpact

So which way do we go now?


How Could Gold Mining – of All Things – Bring a Solution?

Such a premise seems highly unlikely; the most cursory online search shows us how gold mining is contributing to massive toxic waste loads.

Gold is one of the most coveted luxury commodities in the global marketplace. Acquiring it comes at an astonishing ecological expense. Masses of rock are blasted and treated using harmful chemicals like cyanide and mercury. Rivers are dammed. Groundwaters are polluted. The lives and health of humans, plants, animals and their surrounding ecosystems are profoundly affected.


One Wedding Ring Alone

Consider this: one wedding ring alone accounts for 20 tonnes of polluted waste material.

Photo by MR O.K on Unsplash
Mining is a Dirty Business

It’s arguably the dirtiest, literally and figuratively. Yet, families and communities around the world rely on mining for income and survival. So does the global supply chain on which we all depend.

Given our enmeshed global economic systems, how do we tip the balance from mass destruction to mass restoration?

How do we feed our families, make our products, deliver services to each other and care for the earth (which gives us everything), without creating such ecological devastation?


A Nosedive Towards Extinction

Our species (if not the whole planet) appears to be in a nosedive towards extinction. While we’re focused on saving our home on terra firma and putting our money where our proverbial mouths are, why (on earth) would we support anything that involves gold mining and further destruction?

Maybe because…

Wrapped up in this shiny substance, and what it represents, is a major key to bringing forth the solutions we require, at the scale they’re required, now.

Wrapped up in this shiny substance, and what it represents, is a major key to bringing forth the solutions we require, at the scale they’re required, now.

We already know that many of our attempts at turning the tide are helpful, but not even close to being sufficient:

  • Recycling won’t be enough
  • Planting trees won’t be enough
  • Reducing single-use plastics won’t be enough
  • Switching to renewables won’t be enough

Even combined, all these initiatives ain’t gonna cut it.

They’re not to save us from what’s happening to the environment due to our behaviours, past and present. Not even close.

We must turn our attention to the real sources of the dilemma. To resources, specifically, and the ways we use and steward them.


A Gold Mining Group Promising to Care for the Environment? Seriously?

There’s an ESG (environmental, social and governance) organisation you’ll really want to know about.

It’s not just telling a green story and ‘trying to do the right thing’ while doing the same old same old.

It’s an organisation actually doing its best to walk the walk and be effective in building bridges from old ways to new. An organisation that aims to inspire and invite its colleagues in industry across the world, to do the same.


Ethical Mining Practices

Members of The Miner Network adhere to the Miner Pledge, which not only meets but exceeds the highest standards for ethical mining practices.

We’re talking about a sound business model that understands the ancient wealth principles that apply to gold, and couples them with an ESG-favoured twist made possible through modern digital asset technologies like blockchain.

Go Ahead and Buy Some Time

‘Mining minutes’ may be acquired by members of The Miner Network, in the form of crypto assets called MINER tokens, or MINER.

MINER tokens are held by members until they wish to redeem those ‘minutes’.

When minutes are redeemed for service of gold production at a Miner mine, the process begins:

  • mining
  • refining
  • and delivery of real, physical gold to the redeeming member takes place.


‘Mining minutes’ may be acquired by members of The Miner Network, in the form of crypto assets called MINER tokens, or MINER.

Mining services are performed to standards exceeding the highest in the industry, and environmental remediation is undertaken, both locally and regionally.

Industrial Applications for Gold

Industrial applications for gold are fairly limited: they are found largely in the fields of jewellery, electronics and medicine, which together comprise less than half of the global gold demand.

Photo by Michael Dziedzic on Unsplash

The rest of the gold in the world is used as a store of value, or a hedge against inflation.

The Miner Network encourages its members in the latter category to consider the best place to store gold is in the ground, undisturbed.

That way gold maintains its intrinsic market value while remaining in the safest, most secure vault in the world: the earth. Where it’s always been.

(And where it’s very, very difficult to steal.)


A Triple Win

MINER token holders maintain:

  • the right to redeem and take delivery of real, 24-karat physical gold
  • a safe hedge in a global financial tornado
  • the knowledge it’s securely staying put, gathering (gold) dust, isn’t cyanide- or mercury-centric and won’t harm the people who mine it
Photo by Yan Laurichesse on Unsplash
Getting the Best of Both (ESG-Aligned) Worlds

ESG refers specifically to the environmental, social and governance policies within a company that demonstrate not only financial rewards, but also the wellbeing of its staff and net positive (or at the very least neutral) ecological impact.



With MINER, you get the best of both worlds: you’re restoring planetary health and building your own gold-based wealth at the same time.

  1. You’re supporting a movement with the bigger picture for the Earth squarely in focus
  2. Your mining minutes grant you 24/7/365 access to redeem them for the processing and delivery of physical gold
  3. In the meantime, you enjoy all the benefits of that safety net in uncertain financial times, and are doing good for the earth


Say That Again?

As a Miner Network member, there’s an option available to you to redeem your MINER crypto utility token, a digital asset, for gold mining minutes whereby, using fair and earth-friendly mining methods, you can have your physical gold mined, refined and delivered directly to your address.

Miner Network members have an option to redeem MINER crypto utility tokens, their digital assets, for gold mining minutes

Let’s Break That Last Bit Down Step-By-Step:

1.   You register as a member of The Miner Network

2.   As a member you can then acquire MINER tokens (these are ERC-20 Ethereum blockchain tokens; it’s straightforward – we show you how)

3.   As a member of The Miner Network you’re able to:

a) HODL (hold) your MINER tokens, enjoying that rarest of rare things in today’s reckless, feckless financial world: stability


b)   exchange MINER tokens for Bitcoin and/or Ether within The Miner Network


c) redeem your MINER tokens for mining minutes (if and whenever you so choose), resulting in the eventual production and home delivery of physical gold (especially important for jewellers and electronics manufacturers) from our approved, managed, in-network gold mines.


You’re Dealing Only With the Greenest Gold

The Miner Network pledges what no other gold mine in the world promises.

By way of this pledge, as a Miner Network member, you deal with only with the cleanest gold: the greenest gold.

That means gold specifically processed while maintaining standards of excellence that facilitate financial, environmental and social responsibility.


Introducing: The Miner Network Pledge

For humanity to clean up the dirtiest business on Earth (resource extraction), the concerted efforts of many will be required. As a simple yet significant start, we choose to hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethical mining practices. In doing so, we hope to lead by example. We invite mining companies across the globe to join us in the Miner Pledge.

We insist that all Miner Network mines (whose production we tokenise) adhere to the following best ESG-compliant practices:

Environmental Standards:
  • The highest North American environmental standards, regardless of global location
  • Full legal compliance with all mining permits
  • Full adherence to registered mining plans
  • Zero cyanide contamination of the environment
  • Zero mercury contamination of the environment
  • Zero chemical contamination of the environment
  • Mercury-free sorting
  • Zero contaminated wastewater discharge into waterways
  • Our mining operations recycle the water they use, rather than discharging it
  • If we discharge water at all, we filter it to purify it before discharging it
  • Advanced exploration technologies to prevent unnecessary ground disruption
  • As a technology company as well as a mining company, we develop, acquire, and utilise hi-tech solutions for exploration, mining, and refining that increase efficiencies while reducing environmental impact
  • Many mining operations dig multiple locations before finding the deposit, unnecessarily disrupting the wilderness. We dig once
  • Full site reclamation
  • Abandoned mining operations have left derelict equipment, trash, and brownfields throughout the wilderness all over the planet. At our mine sites, we remove such debris and contaminants left by previous mining operations to leave the region clean and safe
  • We re-establish the natural topography and waterways
  • We dispose of any contaminants or pollution
  • Our goal is to assist nature to restore each mine site to its natural state within 5-7 years
Labour Standards:
  • The highest North American labour standards, regardless of global location
  • Safe working conditions
  • Zero cyanide exposure to employees
  • Zero mercury exposure to employees
  • Fair, liveable wages
  • Paid vacation
  • Scheduled leave
  • Year-end bonuses – employees share in the yield
  • Clean, decent housing with amenities
  • Upgraded camps with full sanitation
  • Chef on staff. All meals provided
  • High-quality internet connection to allow workers to communicate long distances


Does the Miner Pledge Matter?


To everyone.

In addition to seasoned investors seeking to diversify into new asset classes, millennial and Gen Z generations’ values (which strongly colour their financial contributions) distinctly focus on creating a better world.

In a 2019 Morgan Stanley report, 95% of millennial investors were interested in sustainable investing, believing they can effect positive change through their investment decisions.

Millennials filter their buying decisions through a laser-sharp sense of social and environmental responsibility, concentrating on value-based investments.

Millennials filter their buying decisions through a laser-sharp sense of social and environmental responsibility
Millennials filter buying decisions through a sense of social and environmental responsibility. Photo by Eliott Reyna on Unsplash

As the destined recipients of one of the biggest wealth transfers in history (baby boomers will pass their legacies onto current generations), millennials’ purchase preferences are directed to earth-friendly, human-centric projects.


Caring Economics & Ecologically-Conscious Accountability

Miner has created a unique digital asset, a tool through which “caring economics” can spread throughout the world while offering asset protection during the most volatile times in the marketplace, perhaps ever. It’s a service that stands and delivers on ESG promises, and offers a market entry opportunity to the now rapidly-rising socially and environmentally responsible global investor.

With its commitment to ethical mining standards, Miner effectively creates ecologically-conscious accountability in a field not known for such things. That’s a no-brainer ‘yes’ for today’s generations.

Miner distinguishes itself via its sustainability and regenerative activities; its industry peers don’t currently meet, or even aspire to meet, ESG criteria.

Not yet.

Regenerative Mining Practises
Regenerative mining practises
The First in a New Generation of ESG Platforms

Miner is therefore an exemplar. It’s the first in a new generation of ESG platforms that will be able to demonstrate ecological and humane values while leveraging technology to grow wealth, reduce uncertainty – bringing prosperity to many. It introduces an environmentally- and socially-focused mining new normal, thereby setting standards that other companies can begin to adopt.

In shorthand, Miner aims to “cover your assets” in volatile financial times, while protecting the earth and our species.

Inspiring, really.

There are so many good places this can go.

Help Miner make a powerful, positive impact by changing the future of mining, starting with gold.

The soft launch of MINER token sold out extremely quickly. Let’s HODL our GODL to a kinder, safer world for all.

JOIN the mailing list and stay informed of the upcoming launch of MINER token.

~ Abheeti Kathryn Pass