Miner Revolutionizing Crypto – The Miner Network

Gold – revered for its beauty, universally recognized for its value. For millennia, gold has been the foundation of stable economies. When economies are threatened, gold is king.

Countless fortunes have been made from gold, but until now only the wealthiest had access to its mining process.

Miner is a resource-based cryptotoken that empowers anyone to be part of the gold mining process. Each token represents one averaged minute of mining service performed by an employee of our active gold mines.

When tokens are redeemed for mining labor, physical gold is delivered to your home or business. The tokens can also be exchanged for Ether or Bitcoin within our network.

Miner empowers you to be a part of the timeless search for gold.


In these unprecedented times, good people are looking for good things to do with their money, and also to do good with their money. This is Miner, a resource-based crypto token that does both by tokenizing the service of mining, while cleaning up the dirtiest business in the world.

All mines in the miner network adhere to the Miner Pledge, a detailed set of rules and best practices that create one of the most progressive and effective protocols for reducing and even reversing the huge cost that mining plays on the environment.

How the Miner Network is Cleaning Up the Dirtiest Industry in the World


Dear Miner Network and global community members,

The Miner token was initially conceived primarily as a means to fund and support Origin Trust Foundation (, a not-for-profit research institute whose intention is to help reframe, rethink and redesign our civilization’s ways, turning our species towards a conscientious, regenerative future.

With that goal in mind, we set out to create something that would offer a uniquely safe and secure sanctuary in today’s global house-of-cards economy, the ultimate hedge against the coming instability of a series of currency bubble bursts. We sought to provide the service of mining gold (the historically-proven hedge) in combination with the functionality of a crypto token (accessibility, portability, storability, fungibility, liquidity and security). This was the genesis of the Miner token (

The Miner Network ( grew out of necessity and became the first official initiative of Origin when we discovered just how damaging the mining industry is. We weren’t blind to the problems of mining, to be sure, but we were shocked to learn the extent of the problems when we entered the field. The statistics on mining’s environmental and social impacts are staggering. Disgusting. Unacceptable. No industry externalizes costs to the biosphere more than natural resource extraction—the beginning of most supply chains—and few industries have mistreated human beings as notoriously. By offering the service of gold mining, we could become a part of the problem.

Originally, we thought Miner’s central offering was tokenized gold mining services. We now realize it’s leveraging tokenized mining services in order to address one of the most fundamental issues facing our global civilization: How do we clean up the dirtiest business in the world?

We don’t propose to have all the answers, yet, but this is the resolve of The Miner Network: to do what we might, collectively, collaboratively, to help solve this issue. Together. For the world. And for our future.

We invite you to join The Miner Network, join the conversation and collaborate with us. We hope you’ll enjoy the Miner token as a sane, sound and smart place to hold and exchange value, support the ethical mining of gold and acquire gold. And we appreciate your support of both The Miner Network and Origin by participating in the Miner ecosystem. 100 percent of the assets and profits from Miner are pledged to our two not-for-profit foundations: The Miner Network and Origin Trust Foundation. 

Let’s be resourceful.

Christian Goodell
CEO & Co-Founder, The Miner Network
Founder & Trustee, Origin Trust Foundation